What is Super topup?

Super top-up is an additional cover of 20 lakhs you can buy for yourself or your family members on top of your existing health insurance plan. 

Things to know before you buy Super topup?

1. When you buy a super top-up, you will get an additional cover of 20 lakhs over and above your current health insurance plan.

2. Super top-up remains valid for one year till the expiry date even if you quit your current job.

3. When buying Super top-up, there is something you should be aware of: Deductible

"A deductible is an amount you have to pay either from your pocket or covered by your other medical insurance before Super top-up comes into play. Say, you have a super top-up for 20 lakh with a deductible of 1 lakh, you have to pay the 1 lakh and the rest will be covered by the super top-up".

4. You can get a super top-up for yourself, and your family members including your spouse, kids, and parents.

How does Super topup work?

How to buy a Super topup?

1. You can buy a Super top-up through the Pazcare platform itself. It is simple as ordering food online.

2. Log in to your Pazcare dashboard. On the homepage, you will find the details about Super top-up. 

3. You will find a “Buy Now” button at the end of the card. When you click on “Buy Now”, you will be taken to the page that has all the details about Super top-up.  This will help you understand better about the inclusions, exclusions and how it works, etc.,

4. Now click on “View plans” at the bottom of the page. You will be able to see the different plans where you can either choose to cover your family (Spouse and children), only for yourself, or for your parents.

5. You will now be taken to the checkout page where you can see the plan you have chosen and the premium amount you have to pay. Once you check all the boxes, you can place the order and make the payment.

6. All the payment options including UPI, Cards, and Net banking are supported. Once you make the payment, you will receive an email with the policy details.