We know it used to be a pain to get new employees added to the benefits. You have to send a bunch of emails and regularly follow up with the insurance provider. With Pazcare, you can add/delete employees from the benefits on the dashboard with a few clicks.

Before getting into the process of adding new employees, here are a few things to know before you add new employees to the benefits.

  1. A new employee should be added to the benefit within 30 days of joining the company.

  2. If the policy you’ve chosen for your team includes dependents, they should also be added at the same time when the employee is added.

  3. If the employee is getting married or expecting a baby, the spouse should be added within 60 days of marriage. Similarly, the newborn baby should be added within 60 days of delivery.

  4. Always keep a tab on the CD balance before you add/delete employees from the benefits. Whenever you add a new employee, the premium is deducted from the CD balance. So, make sure you have sufficient CD balance before adding in a new employee. (You can always check your CD balance in real-time on the Pazcare dashboard).

Let’s now get started with the step-by-step process of how to add employees to the benefits.

You can add new employees to the platform in three ways.

  1. Invite employees to fill out the data by themselves.

  2. Add a single employee to the benefits.

  3. Add multiple employees to the benefits by the bulk import of data.

Invite employees to fill out the data

You can invite employees by adding their email addresses. An email will be triggered to the employee and they can fill out their personal data such as Name, Date of Birth, Date of Joining, and their dependents data by themselves.

Once you log in to the dashboard, click on the “Employee section” in the bottom left corner.

Hover over the “Manage employee(s)” button on the top right and click on the 

“Add employee(s)” option.

You will now be taken to the page where you see two options: Add a single employee and Add multiple employees.

Click on the “Add single employee option” and choose the benefit you want to add your new employee to and click next.

Click on "Don't have all the details with me?". You can add your employee email ID and click "Next".

You can verify the email ID on the next screen and click "Submit". Your employee will receive an email requesting to fill out their personal details.


Adding a single employee to the benefits

It is the same as the previous type whereas instead of triggering an email to the employee to fill out their personal data, you will add all the required data.

Make sure to verify all the data before you click on “Submit”.

You are all set now!

The new employee added is reflected on the dashboard under the employee section. 

Adding multiple employees to the benefit by bulk import 

Click on the “Employee section” on the bottom left corner of the dashboard.

Hover over the “Manage Employee(s)” option and click on the “Add employee(s)” button.

You will see a screen where you will be asked whether to add a single employee or Add Multiple employees. Click on the “Multiple Employees” option.

Again, there will be two options. 

On the next screen, check the benefit you want to add your employees to and click “Next”

You can now either drag and drop the CSV file or select a file to upload. Here’s the sample CSV with the required fields. You can also find the sample file on the top right corner of the dashboard.

Once you upload the CSV file, click “Next”

Now map the required Pazcare fields to the employee columns (Employee ID, Email ID, Name, Relationship, Date of Birth, Joining Date) and click “Next”

Verify all the details on the next screen and click "Submit"

Don’t have the employee details with you? Click on the “Don’t have the details with me?” option.

Check the benefit you want to add your employees to and click “Next”.

Add the Email IDs of the employees separated by commas and click “Next”. 

On the next screen, review the numbers of employees added and the benefit chosen and click “Submit”. 

You will now be able to see the delivery status of the Emails sent and can even download the report for future references.